Patricia Knox, Iowa

Patricia Knox is a founding owner of Iowa Artisans Gallery and a resident of Iowa City. Her work is truly one-of-a-kind, attracting intense interest from customers who are drawn to unusual works in a mixture of silver, copper and gold.

Knox describes the process behind her work. Her studio work table is shown here. "From my work, it is easy to see the influence of my love for architectural design, my early life as a potter and my work with fabrics. I choose processes that emphasize texture and color and that show working marks and seams.

When I stay in the process, aware, and on a fine line between commitment to an idea and being open to change, I find myself in a mode where the piece that I'm making guides my choices. Then I may realize that the most important results are not those for which I thought I was striving."

Our selection is always changing. Knox's work is one-of-a-kind; our inventory may not reflect the pieces shown on this web page. For more information on her work, including what we might have in stock or could be ordered, please email or call us at 319.351.8686.

cuff in silver, copper & 18k gold, patina
copper earrings with patina
sterling silver earrings with patina
earrings with copper, 14k gold-filled French wires, patina
brooch using silver, copper 14k gold
sterling silver earrings with patina
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