Louise Rauh, Iowa City, IA

"I see my work is the culmination of a strong background in metal, paper and printmaking and a rather ephemeral personal aesthetic. In jewelry, this results in sculptural pieces that can appear quite substantial but are light in weight and comfortable to wear."

Louise Rauh was born and raised in Endicott N.Y. where her art teachers strongly encouraged her to pursue a career in dentistry. Upon relocating to Iowa City she developed an interest in fine crafts. Inspired by the work produced by “local” artists Chunghi Choo and Mary Merkel-Hess, she enrolled in the University of Iowa Fine Arts program where she studied under the guidance of Professor Choo. She received her MFA in the Spring of 2000 and has been creating pieces and involved in exhibitions ever since. She has participated in many fine craft shows throughout the US including The Smithsonian Craft Show in Washington DC, the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show and the American Craft Exposition in Evanston Illinois.

Silver, aluminum and titanium
The surface texture of my jewelry pieces is achieved by an embossing process using a steel rolling mill and common household materials. Starting with sheet silver, aluminum or titanium I sandwich the metal between layers mesh or fiber and put them through the rolling mill several times until the desired surface is accomplished. I finish the pieces by hand folding or forming them around a metal stake. To color the titanium, it is heat treated with a small torch flame. The amount of heat determines the color of the metal. The aluminum pieces are colored with acrylic inks and finished with a low fire glaze

The Flowers are made of sheet aluminum, colored with several layers of acrylic and finished with a low fire glaze to insure against interacting with lotions or perfumes. The wire is coated silver (no tarnish) with fresh water pearls.

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at Iowa Artisans Gallery: "Pretty Pants" sterling silver earrings by Louise Rauh
at Iowa Artisans Gallery: Aluminum Hoop Earrings by Louise Rauh
at Iowa Artisans Gallery: Red Flower Pendant by Louise Rauh, colored aluminum
at Iowa Artisans Gallery: Green Flower Earrings by Louise Rauh
at Iowa Artisans Gallery: Titanium Earrings by Louise Rauh
at Iowa Artisans Gallery: Wrapped sterling silver cuff by Louise Rauh
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