Amanda Barr - Ames, Iowa

Ames artist Amanda Barr is so good with words that we'll let her speak for herself.

"My name is Amanda Barr.  The 'M' stands for Marie.  It’s a family thing.  I went to school to be a Spanish professor, but got distracted along the way, so now I’m an artist!  I work in ceramics because I like to use my hands.  A lot of my work falls into the fine art category, although it’s all 100% functional. 

I like words.  My master’s is in literature; thus I have a head full of quotes and poems and monologues.  I created my imaging process for the purpose of writing on clay.  I steal quotes and quips from movies, books, poems, plays, songs and famous (or not-really-that-famous) people.

More personally, I have 2 cats, I love zombies and pie, my favorite book is Good Omens, my favorite movie is Stranger than Fiction,  I watch tons of cheesy sci-fi, I am a Doctor Who fan, and I’m a Mac.

Artists Statement:
I took my first ceramics class as a creative outlet while pursing a master’s degree in Spanish Literature.  After finishing my degree, I decided to devote myself to ceramics full-time.  I work in porcelain because I love the smooth texture of the clay and the ivory white gives a beautiful canvas for decoration.  I use a block-printing process on my delicate thrown and hand-built forms, which I then glaze with careful drips to create a unique vintage/gothic look. I often combine imagery with text or quotes, and my work frequently contains macabre and strange elements, as well as vintage themes. My slightly twisted sense of humor and sometimes dark leanings create unique and highly personal pieces, which are both fully functional and highly decorative. 

I look mostly to film and literature for my inspiration- everything from film noir and classic creature features to modern sci-fi; from Poe to Carroll to Cervantes.

All my pottery is food, microwave and dishwasher safe unless marked otherwise. "

For more information on Amanda Barr's work, including what we might have in stock, please email or call us at 319.351.8686.

"Blackbirds" plate
Tumbler with heart
"Land of Tears" plate
Script plates
"Nevermore" mugs