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Suzanne Aunan - Iowa City, Iowa

Suzanne is a self-taught and much loved Iowa artist who enjoys painting detailed scenes of life around her as well as iconic landscapes of Iowa. She comments, “special events and happy occasions with people we love are important images that I like to document in paint.” To Aunan, “’the good days’ are here, now and today. Today we are making precious memories.”

The Gallery sells limited edition lithographic prints of Aunan's original paintings. Suzanne’s love of detail results in images that resemble jigsaw puzzles in their complexity, and our customers regular spend many moments scanning the surfaces for interesting tidbits of visual information. She prefers water-based paints such as acrylic and gouache and enjoys the “toughness” of painting on prepared Masonite board.

“Before a painting is begun, it already exists in my mind. Then, like a 1000 piece puzzle, parts of the painting are separated and sorted into “piles” of colors. Details are then added, the more the better. As a painting nears completion, my family and friends are asked “What does this painting need?” or “Is this painting finished?” My youngest children provide me with the best heart-felt critiques and thoughts.

An Iowan since 1972, Suzanne B. Aunan was born in New York City, spent part of her childhood on a dairy farm in Orange County, NY and graduated from high school in Glen Ridge, NJ. Suzanne attended the University of Iowa, majoring in Medical Technology and later graduated from the Physician Assistant Program. She worked as a P.A. at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in Hematology Oncology and the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, then as a full-time mother of four. Much of her artwork involves family input, such as her recent print of Wrigley Field.

For more information on Suzanne Aunan's work, including what we might have in stock, please email or call us at 319.351.8686.

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"The Big Game" - Print
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"Old Capitol" - Print
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"The River" - Print
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"Homecoming Parade" - Print
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"Wrigley" - Print
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"The Last Ride In" - Print
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