Jaroslava Sobiskova - Madison, Wisconsin

A native of the Czech Republic, Sobiskova came to the United States in 1986 seeking a life of greater artistic freedom than was possible in Communist- ruled Czechoslovakia. Earning an MFA degree from the University of Wisconsin, Sobiskova returned to the Czech Republic to participate in that country’s renaissance, directing the Civic Forum Foundation there for one year. She later returned to the US, operated a private gallery in Chicago while doing commission work in painting and murals. She later settled in Madison, Wisconsin with her family, where the rural setting and rolling hills remind her of her native Bohemia. She continues to receive accolades for her award-winning work.

Sobiskova writes, “As a modern artist my art mediates between the past and present. My creative process utilizes traditional craft techniques as well as experimenting with the many new and wonderful tools and materials the modern world offers to us. In my paintings I move between abstract and figurative representations of a subject depending on the story I am trying to describe. I always produce works in a series as to try to provide a coherent context of the many variations of my subject."

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"Superlatively Patient" - Acrylic on board
"Composite Breed" - Acrylic on board
"Unavoidably Clearer" - Acrylic on board
"Wittily Jelly" - Acrylic on board
"Self Travel" - Acrylic on board
"Ravishingly Go Bivouacked" - Acrylic on board