Mike Ryan - M.S. Ryan, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

M. S. Ryan has been a painter since the 1960s. Trained as an abstract painter at the University of Iowa, Old Dominion University and Drake University, he studied under Michael Tyzack (a British abstract painter), Joseph Patrick, Leonard Good, and Byron Burford. Ryan has concentrated on landscape and figurative work over the last 20-plus years. Self-described as an expressionist with colorist tendencies, Ryan works in oil, acrylic, pastels, and is learning the art of lithography.

Ryan makes his home in Iowa and paints subjects reflecting the upper Mississippi River Valley. He has recently added the Rocky Mountain area to his list of subjects.

Mike Ryan comments, “Arts if a very ‘hands on’ activity. It is also a very subjective activity where varying viewpoints, experiences, traditions, and visions shape and mold the artists’ creations. Art however, can always be relied upon to affect some response from its audience. This is a universal fact (and hope) that, I think, all artists and art lovers can agree on.”

He adds that his work as a painter is expressionist in form and celebrates both landscape and the figure. “I am influenced by the methods and ideas found in such diverse groups as the West Coast ‘plein air’ movement, the 1960s Bay Area figurative painters, Wolf Kahn’s colorist theories, as well as a number of my contemporaries. One thing all these groups and artists have in common is that the ‘hand of the artist’ is always present in their work. This is important to me because the surfaces, color choices, design and composition are all the artist’s personal calligraphy.

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At Iowa Artisans Gallery, "Angelus" by Mike Ryan - 30 x 40" Oil on canvas
At Iowa Artisans Gallery, "Mountain Song" by Mike Ryan - 11 x 14", Oil on canvas
At Iowa Artisans Gallery, "Last Bit of Snow" by Mike Ryan - 30 x 40", Oil on canvas
At Iowa Artisans Gallery, "Cicada Evening" by Mike Ryan -30 x 40", Oil on canvas
At Iowa Artisans Gallery, "Mount Vernon Lauds" by Mike Ryan, 11 x 14", painted at the Iowa Arts Festival, 2013 - Oil on canvas
At Iowa Artisans Gallery, "Abbe Creek" by Mike Ryan, 24 x 30" - Oil on canvas
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